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If you have a passion for helping those who are among the most forgotten by the medical community, then you are desperately needed.

With the increase in obesity, diabetes, and an aging population, chronic wounds are on the rise. They affect 6.5 million Americans, costing the U.S. Upwards of $25 billion a year. Some 60,000 people die every year, just from complications from pressure wounds.

This growing pandemic needs properly trained medical staff who are ready to fight on the front lines.

Pressure wounds make up the largest single category of chronic wound. And yet, ironically, they are the most easily preventable. Simply knowing what to look out for (along with helping immobile patients move regularly) can go a long way towards reducing these cases.

Unfortunately most medical staff aren't trained to handle even the basics of caring for chronic wounds.

How your role as a specialist will make you a highly desirable candidate

(If you did have this training though, you'd be in high demand). Long-term care facilities are beginning to realize just how much they need properly trained wound care specialists on staff.

Because as the frequency of chronic wounds continues to rise, so do the lawsuits against nursing homes for abuse cases.

Consider this. Pressure wound case litigation is the second most common type of neglect, abuse, or malpractice case, after wrongful death. While the national average award for bedsore case litigation is just over $400,000, the award amount can rise into the millions.

Using 2014 numbers, something like 25 residents of every nursing home will at some point experience a pressure wound. Of course, when you add in the numbers for other types of chronic wounds, that number is much higher.

At that rate, without putting in place a solid plan for chronic wound care management, long-term care facilities are facing a great deal of legal and financial risk.

The answer? You! As a highly trained wound care specialist, you will make all of the difference. You'll help facilities reduce instances of chronic wounds, and, where they do occur, you'll know how to:

Distinguish what type of wound is present
Develop a holistic treatment plan to match that wound type
Document the entire process to mitigate legal risk

This is an opportunity to advance your career working with often-neglected patients.

And by specializing, you'll set yourself apart from other nurses and become in high demand by the smart facilities, the ones who know what they need to do to beat the storm.

SWCI training will help you stand out in the crowd

So why not get started today with Surgical Wound Care Institute? SWCI offers a two-day intensive course that covers everything from documentation and diagnosis to comprehensive treatment plans for every type of wound. Some of the topics covered include:

Assessment and documentation
Physiology of wound repair
Nutrition guidelines
Management of infection
Factors affecting wound healing
Wound care dressing selection
Diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of wound types
Legal, ethical, and reimbursement issues related to wound management

Dr. Paul Ferraro, who will be teaching the course, is a veteran surgeon with over 15 years of wound care experience under his belt. This experience led him to found Surgical Wound Care Services, Northeast Ohio's leader in holistic wound care.

Find out more about Dr. Ferraro and his mission to transform wound care management in long-term care facilities.

Ready to get started? Call 330-808-1664 today to find out when the next course is taking place and to sign up to take your career to the next level.

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